Equipment -

Korg Krome and Korg PS60

As a youngster,  I spotted a keyboard in our next door neighbour's hall. A second was all it took to realise I was hooked!


From 9 years old, I spent a year or two frustrating a very nice piano teacher by being rubbish at reading music, but turning up having learned all my homework by ear, top tunes like 'Angelo' and 'Don't cry for me Argentina'....Awsome :)

Then came electronic pianos & synthesizers - and gigs from the age of sixteen, in pubs & clubs, both as a solo performer & with various bands.

At 30, I had this mad idea to do a degree in classical piano, which I successfully completed and became a piano teacher... now the pupils frustrate me!

I auditioned for Cu'da Groove and when they offered me the job I accepted instantly, as it's always best to be the youngest and best looking guy in the band!


Main Influences -

Any type of music where you can hear the keyboard player :-)




Cuda Groove Essex band, Cu'da Groove Essex band, cudagroove Essex band, the smooth Essex based funk dance covers band for your next party or event.