Clare Riglin (Vocals)



I started musician life studying and performing as a Jazz trumpet player, but soon moved into vocals and vocal coaching, which has become my main passion and profession.


My general history is similar to the rest of the guys, with regards to playing in various bands and outfits. I started singing with a band called 'Cars' as lead vocalist, then moved on to function bands - 'New Horizons' and 'Rude Mechanics'. I then went solo and have performed at private functions for the last eight years or so.


In the daytime I work as a peripatetic vocal coach at several primary schools and also teach music therapy, piano and voice at my local adult music school.


My main love of music comes from the 70's and especially the 80's, as I grew up in that era, and I am really enjoying singing the funk and disco genre with Cu'da Groove!!


Main Influences -

Stevie Wonder

Etta James

Ray Charles

MIchael Jackson

Ella Fitzgerald

Jason Mraz




Cuda Groove Essex band, Cu'da Groove Essex band, cudagroove Essex band, the smooth Essex based funk dance covers band for your next party or event.