Kevin Ballard (Guitar)


Equipment -

Guitars – 1976 Fender hard tail strat, 2006 Gibson ES335TDN

Amplification – Marshall


I started playing guitar at Secondary school and pretty quickly got hooked (unfortunately not on school!). By the time I left, I had progressed from acoustic to electric guitar and was invited to play lead with some older, more experienced guys in a busy, working band. I was in bands from late 77’ through to the end of summer 2011.

I have played mainly pop, funk and soul, and have performed at numerous pubs, clubs, weddings and corporate functions.


I also educated myself about live sound production and have engineered the sound for headline bands such as Dr Feelgood, The Hamsters, and Nine below zero.


After a couple of years break, I found myself needing to scratch an itch but finding quality musicians capable of putting together the groove took a while……..

Then I met ‘Cu'da Groove’ and feel very at home with other talented musicians all on the same wavelength as me!!


Main Influences -

Nile Rodgers (Chic plus many others!)

Mick Ralphs (Bad Company)

Stax Music & Motown


Cuda Groove Essex band, Cu'da Groove Essex band, cudagroove Essex band, the smooth Essex based funk dance covers band for your next party or event.