Steve Glennie (Bass)


Equipment -

Bass guitar – Music Man Stingray Classic

Amplification – T C Electronic



I started playing the bass after waking up one morning with a banging hangover and noticing a bass guitar and amplifier standing in the corner of my bedroom. To this day, I still don’t remember buying it!

That was back in ’81 when I had black hair. After hours of ‘bedroom noodling’, I joined and performed with various Funk and Soul bands on the pub, club and American Air force base circuit, with the ‘pinnacle’ of my career being a performance on Channel 4 TV.

However, fame and fortune became too much for me to handle :-) So, after a brief 25 year rest, I’m now back with my old school buddy and drummer Julian ‘Stix’ Woloszczuk, ready to lay down the groove for you!!!


Main Influences -

Mark Adams – Slave

Bernard Edwards – Chic

Paul “Tubbs” Williams – Light Of The World

Randy Hope-Taylor – Incognito

Camelle Hinds – Central Line

Cuda Groove Essex band, Cu'da Groove Essex band, cudagroove Essex band, the smooth Essex based funk dance covers band for your next party or event.

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